TPD International

TPD & Associates Limited itself was founded in 1991 with the sole purpose of providing an integrated management consultancy for deal making in the Financial Services sector. Today we have gathered together a strong team of professionals both within the Company and as Associates who can fulfil that requirement.

The business is based on three key services:

• Executive Search
• Strategic Planning
• Accessing Corporate Funding

TPD International is focussed on Executive Search and closely complements the work of TPD Associates in London in serving our clients in Financial Services sectors outside the UK. Our overseas associates and managing agents provide an effective means of engaging with international placements; bringing a local presence and expertise in other geographies and giving our clients expanded global candidate search. In a global world where the highly skilled are more mobile than ever and where organisations are looking to increasingly manage their human capital across the world. TPD International’s network greatly increases our clients access to highly skilled talent as well as allowing them to more easily consider cross border and international placements to fill hard to place local roles.

TPD prides itself on creating a culture of trust and understanding at all levels of business. The core values of our business are honesty, integrity and delivery. These values also very much shared by our associates and managing agents in every country we operate in and we continually audit our practices to ensure we deliver across TPD International the consistent and high quality service that is part of our brand.

Contact: George Peacock
Direct Line: +64 (0)9 889 3869
Mobile: +64(0)2111 32161